Design Maturity Survey (Beta)

Welcome to the Design Maturity Survey (DMS), a self-assessment tool created by Artefact to help organizations understand the maturity of their design capabilities, values, process, performance and impact. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

What does the word ‘design’ mean in this survey?
Throughout this survey, 'design' is used to refer both to the process and the output of creative problem solving.

What if you don’t have ‘designers’ in your company?
If there aren’t any designers at your company, you can think of ‘designers’ as the people who are involved in developing the customer experience for your company’s products and services.

What happens when you finish the survey?
At the end of the survey, based on your individual answers, you will receive a Design Maturity Scorecard, representing a high level assessment of the design maturity of your organization.

Let's get started!